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Sunday, September 30, 2012

MedicineX HMS Mindblower

It is early Sunday morning; my tinnitus sings like the buzzing of a summer night, and my eyes ache for a caffeine bath.        
I am trying to gather my thoughts in the calm before the whirlwind called "Day Three of MedicineX" scoops me up and flings me into the magnificent maelstrom of genius ideas, poignant e-patient stories, and inspiring calls-to-arms.  

I wonder if my brain can absorb more wonderfulness without making my head explode.  Perhaps if I share a dollop of this experience with you I will make just enough room for more. 

 First night tweetup with me, Alicia, and Liza

@ibeatcancrtwice @stales @itsthebunk

 The Walking Gallery
Project by Regina Holliday

 Regina at work.

 Story of my life: Regina nailed it!

Change Is In The Wind
by Regina Holliday

 Off to breakfast with @stales. More to come!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

RESCUING PINK: The Color, Not The Rock Star

October is just around the corner, its brilliant foliage a harbinger of autumn--of grape vines heavy with purple clusters, of brisk air, apple farms and hot cider, of pumpkin fields and Halloween. 

In recent years October has signaled a different kind of season, with its own signature color and cornucopia: store shelves bulging with beribboned stuff, pink festooned windows and football fields with pinked-out athletes; garbage trucks, toilet paper and  COFFINS.

 This one has 30 pairs of breasts painted on it.

All in the name of breast cancer awareness. Machine guns have awareness ribbons!  
Oh, and kitty litter, so our cats can be aware.

Such crass profiteering from what remains for thousands a deadly disease stirs a tumult of feelings in me, from fury to embarrassment to despair.  

Meanwhile sincere, well-meaning citizens who donate time and money are lulled into thinking that their contributions make a real difference--like ending breast cancer in this century.  

Many breast cancer activists like me are appalled by the growing evidence that garish fundraising tactics serve only to line corporate pockets. We have watched our sisters-in-arms die of metastatic breast cancer. 

Demoralized by these losses, the troops voices have grown more shrill in an effort to be heard over the cheers from Celebrations of Breast Cancer.  The screeching sound of impotent rage grates on everyone's ears ,and might even alienate the very people we want to help. 

To combat this sad turn of events, I will attempt to rescue pink, for it is a perfectly innocent color that was co-opted by the awareness movement because it traditionally symbolized wellness, e.g., 'in the pink of health."  That is why I named my website "Stay In The Pink", because it married the old meaning of pink with the breast cancer ribbon. Unfortunately the exploitation and scandals in the awareness movement have caused me embarrassment with my own website.

So rather than hide my brand in pink-phobic shame I will do all I can to turn the anti-pink tide.

After all, what did pink ever do to me to deserve my wrath?


Thursday, September 27, 2012

MedicineX Magical Mystery Tour

Welcome to the magical mystery tour that is StanfordMedicineX .  This conference is already magical and it hasn’t even begun.  Here’s one big reason why: 

 I was married at Stanford’s Memorial Chapel. 

Yep, that's me in the white dress. Quaint little place, isn't it?
In fact, I am a local girl, a Hewlett-Packard brat from the early days with Bill and Dave.  I grew up in Cupertino when it was nothing but orchards—nary a silicon tree in sight—and lived in one of the first Eichler homes (move over Steve Jobs).
Stanford was my back yard: I used the library during high school, took summer school classes during college; my husband proposed to me in front of the chapel, and we sealed the deal  in that magnificent sanctuary.  You should have heard Whiter Shade Of Pale booming out of that cathedral sized pipe organ as I walked down the aisle to my groom.

Another piece of  magic is that I am attending this conference as a member of the media.  Thanks to WEGO Health Press Corp I get to attend as many presentations as I can squeeze into one weekend, all of them brilliant and amazing, and bring you along with me with my tweets, posts, and blogs. 

The mystery part is that I have no idea what to expect, except that my mind and heart will be expanded beyond imagination.  Just one of the cool things is the Global Access Program so that anyone who wants to follow the program in real time can. It will include streaming video of the conference plenary proceedings, live photos, and other updates. The program is an unprecedented effort to bring Stanford Medicine X live to your desktop, phone, or tablet device.
So follow this link, register and join the fun. 

My twitter ID is @ibeatcancrtwice and the hashtags are #medX and #WHPC for WEGO Health Press Corp.

I am off to pick up my registration materials, so I'll sign off for now. 

Jamie, intrepid reporter.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Brene Brown is one of my mentors, although I have not met her in person. She writes and speaks with winsome power about vulnerability as the unlikely path to joy. On this anniversary of 9/11 Brene shares in her blog how she commemorates our nation's grief by giving a box of petit fours to the local fire station. 

She shares something she loves with people she wishes to honor.

Sugary, fatty tasty treats.

What better way to remember that 
we cannot count on tomorrow, 
so live today with 
and maybe a little