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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Facebook Blocks Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Photos

This slideshow is my appeal to Facebook to reconsider their action against this worthy project. Please watch it, then read about it below.

Last summer I volunteered to model for Michael D. Colanero's amazing Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project. Since then I have watched with eager anticipation as Michael released each piece to the public, hoping mine would be next. I marveled with countless others at the beauty and power each one evoked. All of us summoned courage to expose our bodies in this manner, but we gained so much in return. After months of watching our bodies be smashed, cut, poked, measured, burned, and re-examined, to trust our bodies to the compassionate artistry of Michael and his team felt powerful and lovely. Hours of painting, talking, posing, sharing, weeping, and laughing out loud, put us in charge of using our bodies for something great, for other survivors, for the world, for ourselves.

Imagine our dismay when, without warning, Facebook deleted all of the photos, including all of the text and comments.

If you agree with us and wish to help, please share this far and wide. 

Join our Facebook group: http://on.fb.me/hMC5y3

You can contact Michael at BCABPP@uncommonstock.net

Click link to watch YouTube Video on Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting

I do not claim any rights to this music on this video. Music by Christina Aguilera performing "Beautiful" (C) 2004 BMG.