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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Dear Friend Died Yesterday

A dear friend died yesterday. 
We went to say our last goodbyes and I-Love-You’s
But he did not wait.
It was okay
Because we had not waited until the last minute
Thinking we had tomorrow for those words
We always wanted to say
Meant to say

But never found the right moment for
While we had him with us
Sometimes only inches away
Last words floating into forever.

Having the last word means, “I won, you lost,”
When we think we have tomorrow.
But when tomorrow is lost
We think back to the last time we met
To what we said, with sorrow
Sometimes regret.

Had we known, we never would have said
Or left things unsaid.
If only we had known!

But all we know is that we do not have tomorrow
And we know that
bitter and sweet
Words last.