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Monday, May 11, 2009

Depression is a big fat liar

I am no stranger to depression, and I know from both seats in the counseling office that depression lies to us when it tells us to withdraw from others. Hopeless, helpless, and worthless are the mottos of depression, and they are all untrue, but very loud, voices from the pit of despair. That’s why one of the simplest strategies for overcoming depression is to go for a walk with a friend: it combats isolation and, if the walk is at all vigorous, it will flood the parched body with natural morphine. That’s right, our bodies produce endorphins, which are safe*, FDA approved, no insurance needed, free, morphine!

It won’t cure depression, but it is one thing that will help.

*No animals are injured in the production of this natural pain killer: in fact, take Fido on your walk. You will both feel better.


  1. that is a GREAT post!!!! depression is so intense and i think that ppl ESP. NOW with the economy need to get outdoors etc. and stay healthy. happy, hopeful!

  2. Jamie,

    I glad I was able to inspire you and spark your need to mourn. I am also glad that you now consider me your friend.


  3. I love endorphins!

  4. Endorphins: GREATEST. DRUG. EVER!

  5. I go out and run 5 miles a day. It does wonders for the mind and body!

    And if the schedule allows try to hit the golf course and get back to nature.

  6. I really love this post. It's simple and true. I struggle with anxiety and Bipolar Mania and even though it's not depression, this is great advice for anyone with a mental illness!

  7. Hi Jamie, Enjoying my coffee and your blog. You have such a no-nonsense, non-lecturing way of saying what needs to be said.