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Monday, June 13, 2011

Not Pretty In Pink

   One of the benefits of joining the fight against breast cancer is the friendships that are forged in the trenches.  One of the best of these friends is Alicia Staley, a three-time cancer survivor and thought leader in the war against cancer. 
     Most recently Alicia has been an increasingly noisy gadfly biting the alarmingly swollen head of the mother of all breast cancer awareness machines charities, Susan G. Komen for the Cure 

Yes, many of us are not only worried about the direction Komen is taking, but about their refusal, so far, to join the discussion.

Alicia's eloquent protest can be found at WEGO Health

Please read it and help us to help Komen END breast cancer in our lifetime.




  1. That image says it all. Patients have been doing the heavy lifting long enough. Time to redirect that effort toward something that will have greater impact.

  2. No more heavy lifting! I love that. Besides, it will hurt my arm:)

    PS - jamie, glad you've joined the party!

  3. Good for Alicia! Kaiser is a non-profit, too. Look how much money they are making. It's time for the fight against breast cancer to get back to its root cause, and stop being about the 'pinking' of America.

  4. Komen sure ran to the bank with patenting "for the cure" but won't join the dance... they get from & give money to many sources. Check into your local Komen affiliates... not all their money stays at Komen... they give to community organizations... lots of umbrellas feeding the pink elephant in the room but no-one talks about it...