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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why Do We Need Swimsuit Confidence?

This week is I HAVE SWIMSUIT CONFIDENCE WEEK during which LANDS' END is using regular women as models so regular women can see how THEIR OWN BODY SHAPES look in the suits!
TUESDAY LANDS' END featured breast cancer survivors modeling styles, with every shape and size, designed specifically for POST-MASTECTOMY figure needs.  
You know, 
  One Breast

                Uneven Breasts 
     No Breasts
               Reconstructed Breasts
Here I am in my beautiful suit: not too shabby for 65 years old and post-double mastectomy!

Thank you to LANDS' END for this creative solution, and to Genae Girard of Beyond The Boobie Trap for suggesting it!


  1. I loved this post and had to laugh at the cupcake humor. You look great in that swimsuit!

    1. Thank you so much, Beth! Coming from you, that is high praise. You are a wonderful writer.

  2. The cupcakes remind me of Darryle Pollack's Boobalas! Jamie, you look amazing!

  3. Very nice and beautiful:)I love it:)