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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why Breast Cancer Still Matters AFTER October



The Pinktober frenzy has settled like confetti, meanwhile 108 people die every day from breast cancer. For thousands of women and men affected by this disease, breast cancer is a harsh reality 365 days a year.  The ARMY OF WOMEN and The Dr Susan Love Research Foundation are here to issue a month long reminder that breast cancer still matters. Every day throughout November, their blog will post a new reason to continue the focus on finding the causes of breast cancer. As a proud member of the Army of Women bloggers I will help spread the word here.

  1. Because the goal isn’t the cure, it’s finding the cause and stopping it. More: #30reasons
  2. Because this is not the legacy we want to leave our daughters. More: #30reasons
  3. Because a daughter deserves a life with her mother. More: #30reasons
  4. Because nothing much has changed. More: #30reasons
  5. Because breast cancer is not sexy. More: #30reasons
  6. Because we made a national commitment more than 40 years ago. More:
  7. #30reasons
  8. Because the misconceptions will astound you. More: #30reasons
  9. Because a husband shouldn’t have to say goodbye. More: #30reasons
  10. Because we need to refocus research. More: #30reasons
  11. Because living with a cancer question mark hanging over your head isn’t easy.  More: #30reasons
  12. Because our current methods come with a cost.  More: #30reasons
  13. Because your participation is key and you have the power to help scientists.  More: #30reasons
  14. Because awareness isn’t enough.  More: #30reasons
  15. Because breast cancer does not discriminate. More: #30reasons
  16. Because pink should just be a pretty color. More: #30reasons
  17. Because we can wage a better, smarter war. More: #30reasons
  18. Because it’s hard to make individual decisions. More: #30reasons
  19. Because you don’t need to have cancer to participate in cancer research.  More: #30reasons
  20. Because your health information could be the answer.  More: #30reasons
  21. Because fighting breast cancer is a team sport.  More: #30reasons
  22. Because far too many know the loss of a best friend.  More: #30reasons
  23. Because breast cancer changes lives.  More: #30reasons
  24. Because we just don’t know enough.  More: #30reasons
  25. Because unlocking the mysteries of breast cancer will help put an end to other diseases. More: #30reasons
  26. Because it’s unacceptable to watch more than 280,000 get diagnosed every year.  More:  #30reasons
  27. Because not everyone is a survivor.  MORE: #30reasons
  28. Because the causes remain unclear and we need more research.  MORE: #30reasons
  29.  Because breast cancer isn’t a one-size-fits-all disease. More: #30reasons


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