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Friday, August 31, 2012

Celebrate The Ordinary: A Blue Moon

I know, I know, my title contradicts itself: how can an astral event that only occurs every two or three years be ordinary? 
It is predictable, we can count on it, even plan our calendars for perfect viewing. What is the big deal?

It's not that I'm jaded--quite the opposite. Let me explain.

Steve Allen once said that if the world knew that there would be only one sunset--EVER--the news coverage would surpass the Royal Wedding, the Olympics, and the Super Bowl combined.  People around the globe would be glued to their TVs, monitors, and cameras, just to behold the spectacle. 

Yet every day, without fail, and without fanfare, the sun sets, and rises, often unnoticed.
and sublimely 

So here is my photo tribute to our dear old moon:



  1. And we are still all sync'd up!!! I LOVE this...


    1. I love it too, even though my days are all messed up, I don't think Marie will mind. It's the spirit of the challenge that counts!

    2. You BET! Marie won't mind and when she sees that we both have "blue moon" things, I know it will make her smile.... I'm resigning with today's story of the traveling pants. Stopping at six (unless I cheat and do a recap post!)

      BIG GIANT hugs.....

    3. You are so funny; who says you have to hold to a schedule? I don't think Marie will send the Irish Army after you. Now I am going over to your blog to learn about the pants.

  2. No rules ladies..or as Jamie so eloquently puts it..it IS the spirit of the challenge that counts...I love this reflection Jamie...really wonderful!

    1. Thank you, Marie. I was particularly happy that I had my own photo of the moon at high noon. Another splendid thing.

  3. Well, you know me, I love no rules! Wonderful piece, Jamie. 'Ordinary splendor' and all we have to do is notice!

  4. I love the way you reminded us that this happens every day. Thanks for the great post and beautiful picture.