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Sunday, September 30, 2012

MedicineX HMS Mindblower

It is early Sunday morning; my tinnitus sings like the buzzing of a summer night, and my eyes ache for a caffeine bath.        
I am trying to gather my thoughts in the calm before the whirlwind called "Day Three of MedicineX" scoops me up and flings me into the magnificent maelstrom of genius ideas, poignant e-patient stories, and inspiring calls-to-arms.  

I wonder if my brain can absorb more wonderfulness without making my head explode.  Perhaps if I share a dollop of this experience with you I will make just enough room for more. 

 First night tweetup with me, Alicia, and Liza

@ibeatcancrtwice @stales @itsthebunk

 The Walking Gallery
Project by Regina Holliday

 Regina at work.

 Story of my life: Regina nailed it!

Change Is In The Wind
by Regina Holliday

 Off to breakfast with @stales. More to come!

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